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Intro to the Coolest DIY Colors for LED Lights

As technology continues to evolve, more and more people are looking for ways to incorporate LEDs into their DIY projects. While many different colors of LEDs are available, some colors are cooler than others. We will take a look at the best ones that all the nicest ( in our opinion ) projects use … and even some that we haven’t seen used before but would like to try out.

Find out which lights we think are the best in our quick article here.

The coolest color for UV lights

Alright, why not just start at the best option for UV diodes, which is the UV ones… as it makes things glow. I know that sounds super childish, but who doesn’t like that black light effect? Although it isn’t something that we would want to be on all the time, without a doubt, a UV-led makes a project pop out like nothing else. On top of that, if you are really into DIY projects, UV LEDs can also be used in many medical and scientific applications because of their ability to sterilize surfaces and kill bacteria.

Second coolest color

Now we go into the random opinion of colors that look the best. For us, the first true color is Blue. Blue has so many different shades that can just look so good. If you are making an LED cloud, you know that Blue will be one of the most commonly used light colors if you have it as an option. It is relaxing and can be used in many different applications. You really can’t go wrong with blue lights.

We might be dating ourselves a bit, but I remember those blue dancing neon lights in cars. They were cool…. until LED lights became an option. I remember one of the first DIY projects we did was removing a friend’s 1.7 EL instrument cluster and changing the bulbs to LEDs… ah those were the days.

Final cool color for LEDs

Alright, now we really fall into the personal opinion. For us we just can’t handle green, red, yellow, or orange LED lights. We find that they are just too strong of colors to have around. They stick out when put near other colors and just don’t feel relaxed at all. So that leaves us with Purple. I know purple isn’t a super common color, but it goes so well when blended with Blue and white. Again, this is totally up to your own personal opinions.

And , if you are looking for an awesome video showing the different colors of leds around, check this robot out!

Bonus cool LED light

When we were looking around for the different options as far as lights go we found this amazing one on Amazon. It isn’t really one to be added to your LED project, but the bulb was just too cool not to include when talking about awesome LED lights. It is a blub you can just plug in and use it wherever you want.

Cool led light


When it comes to choosing the right LED colors for your project, it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you want something that’s cool and trendy, then go with blues and greens ( if you think that is a good idea). If you’re going for a warm and inviting look, then oranges and reds might be better suited. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what looks best for your project.

At its core, the coolest lights are the ones that you want in your project. We can’t tell you what the best color is as it is so personal, and that is why we just put out our list of the lights that we like to use the most for our LED projects around the house.