Google and their love of Potato chips/Pixels

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Introduce Google’s new phone and their upcoming venture into the potato chip industry.

Google’s upcoming phone is the Pixel 7 and has a bit of a twist with its promotions.

The Google Pixel 7 is a high-end smartphone with a Tensor G2 SoC and a Titan chip. With 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of internal storage, it looks to have a high power level and runs on Android 13. The battery sounds like it should last a while with 4,700 mAh worth of storage. And to fill up the battery, it will support 30 W fast charging and wireless charging. These are all just rumors, but the remarkable aspect is that they will be sending out chips with the latest phones!

Google is also venturing into the potato chip industry with their new Google Potato Chips. These chips are made with real potatoes and come in four flavors.

Potato Chip Flavors: List some of the flavors that will be available.

There are four flavors of chips: Snow Cheese, Hazel Onion, Salty Lemon, and Obsidian Pepper. All the chips are different colors, with Snow Cheese white, Hazel Onion gray, Salty Lemon off-white, and Obsidian Pepper black. All of the chips have a different flavor, but they all taste great( according to people in the know)

How to get these Google chips?

To get your hand on these chips, you must enter a lottery draw at for one of the 2000 bags available. You also have to live in Japan, which

Conclusion: Summarize Google’s new venture into the potato chip industry.

Google has been in the news lately, and not always for good reasons. But their latest venture may be their most interesting yet. Google is now in the business of making potato chips.

Google had done a similar sales promotion with the Pixel 6 and their Original Google Potato Chips before, and it was received like the gimmick it is.

So far, reviews of the chips have been positive. Many people say they are delicious and addicting.