Ideas for tech blog posts

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How to find things to write about

Alright, alright we know we have only a couple of posts up but over a game of monopoly tonight we thought about cool things to write about. Of course we will write about different apps and products we have been using but we have also though of things that people might also be interested in… not just what we thought was cool that hour.

We all have our reasons for why we write. Whether it’s to share our story, to inspire others, or to simply document our thoughts – we each have a unique voice that deserves to be heard. But sometimes, it can be difficult to think of what to write about. If you’re ever feeling stuck, here are a few ideas to help jumpstart your writing. And although we are focusing more on the tech side to help others, it is also kind of a brainstorming idea as to what we could do in the future.

Ideas for tech blog posts

Here are a couple of ideas that came to mind when we started jotting down things and reasons why they might be good blog posts. If you like them please let us know and we would be happy to try to find cool things to write about:

The latest tech gadgets and products blog post

Alright, we admit that this was kind of a lazy one, because we have a spot set aside for these types of posts. But maybe for others thinking about what they could write about it might help

How to use certain tech products

This was actually a really good one that both of us liked. For this one, due to how wide of a variety the product could be, we thought that this could be a nice outline if we were going to start a new post… even just a starting point:

-How to use it
-What it can do
-How it can benefit the user

This would allow us to intro the product to the reader, then explain how they could use it, what it can do for the user, and what the benefit is. Kind of like the How , What, and Why as well as our own personal hands on review. Kind of like what we did with our reviews of the best FREE Android AI image generators post.

How to fix tech problems blog post ideas

This was one that came to mind after we were both lamenting how, although we aren’t tech people at all, we are the default call from our parents whenever anything tech related happens. It doesn’t matter if we have no clue what they are talking about we find ourselves googling tips etc on how to fix the issues. For these types of blog posts

We thought that a list of the following , and added tips that we found online could be a good outline for a blog post relating to fixing specific tech issues:

-Ensure your device is turned on
-Check if you’re connected to the internet
-Make sure the website or app is available for other people
-Check to see if there’s an update for the app or website
-Check your browser’s compatibility
-Clear your cache and cookies
-Restart your device

The history of certain tech products

This was another cool idea that we had. Kind of like the did you know… for tech. There has got to be pretty cool reasons why tech was made for a specific reason and for those types of posts we thought this kind of outline might work:

-The history of the product
-How the product has changed over time
-How the product has impacted society
-What the future of the product may hold

One example would be the story of how the Bluetooth symbol was made... super interesting for sure!

The future of certain tech products blog outline

This was the last one that we had ideas for, and that was kind of a wish list of what tech might do or become. It was pretty straight forward so we thought that an outline like this might be useful:

-A list of tech products that will be relevant in the future
-An explanation of what these products will be able to do
-How these products will improve our lives

Hopefully these ideas might help you if you are suffering from writers block, as we did it just in case we find ourselves stuck for ideas as to what , and how to write tech blog posts, in the future. Don’t worry, we aren’t there yet at all