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Introduction to the irritation of the day, Youtubes Premium push

I used to love YouTube, my go-to app for watching videos. But then, YouTube started showing me offers to upgrade to YouTube Premium. I don’t want to pay $11.99 a month for an ad-free experience and access to YouTube Originals content. I want to watch my favorite YouTubers without having to see constant ads!

Nowadays, you can’t use any app without being pestered to upgrade to a premium version. Usually, I can ignore these offers, but with YouTube, it’s more complicated because I used to love the app so much. Now, whenever I open YouTube, I’m bombarded with offers to upgrade, and it’s starting to get on my nerves!

This is the exact same feeling as I had when Microsoft wanted to charge me for Excel now. I get it, things cost money, but if I choose to say no at least Windows didn’t tell me to buy Excel every time I opened my computer. I am guessing I owe a bit of thanks to Bill Gates for that one, he personally probably said to not be so pushy…. right?

Why do I hate it so much?

I can’t stand it when Youtube tries to get me to upgrade to Youtube premium, and I don’t want to pay for something I’m already getting for free. The ads are annoying enough, but at least they’re tolerable. With Youtube premium, there would be no ads at all. That’s not worth the price they’re asking. It’s just too much, even at a student rate of around $8, which goes up to 12 for the standard or 18 for the family.

I know it is somewhat in line with other streaming services, but they’re making movies, advertising, etc. Youtube, in my head, is where I go to watch things other people have made. I get that there are costs etc. But that is what the ads are for, and they are getting even more aggressive with the ads. I am okay watching some, but back-to-back 15-second clips on every second video are a bit much. I am not being able to skip terrible ads, even worse. 

What are some other video streaming options?

There are plenty of video streaming services to choose from, so you don’t have to be stuck with YouTube Premium if you don’t want it. Here are some other popular options:

Netflix is one of the original streaming services, and it offers a massive selection of movies and TV shows to choose from. You can watch Netflix on your computer or phone or with a dedicated streaming device like a Roku or Chromecast.

Amazon Prime Video is another popular option, and it comes bundled with a lot of other Amazon Prime benefits, like free shipping and access to the Kindle lending library. Prime Video has a great selection of movies and TV shows, including some exclusive Amazon Originals that you can’t find anywhere else.

But as you can see, there are other types of features, but this doesn’t really give you access to Youtube, and they all cost money too.

So I would suggest looking around, if you are on Android, and seeing if some apps might help you out with the features you are looking for. My favorite is IgeBlock, and I watch one ad every couple of days and get the same features, except for the continued playing when I lock my phone. Here is how it looks and works, and don’t worry it is in English, but to enjoy the Irony we will have the clip from Youtube

How to avoid youtube premium

The best thing about this is that it is an app just like the Youtube one, but you just avoid the annoyances that come from Youtube and don’t have to watch any extra video ads except the one every couple of days. If you pay them you don’t have to watch any ads and it is a lot cheaper than youtube premium.

If you are on Apple stuff… it’s sad to say, but you already know how it is over there.

On your PC, you can download many extensions that can help reduce the annoyances.

Youtube ad blocking extensions for your computer

If you’re someone who hates being bombarded with YouTube Premium upgrade offers every time you open the app, a few ad-blocking extensions can help. uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus are both effective at blocking YouTube ads and are available for free.

Once you’ve installed one of these extensions, you’ll notice that the advertising space on YouTube will be replaced with a blank area. You may also see some space where the ad would have been if you watched a video in full-screen mode. While this isn’t a perfect solution, it’s much better than seeing those pesky ads all the time.

If you use YouTube frequently, an ad blocker is worth considering. Not only will it save you from seeing those annoying premium upgrade offers, but it’ll also make your overall experience more pleasant.

Why is YouTube so annoying with its pop-ups?

For starters, the offers are intrusive. They pop up at the worst possible times, interrupting whatever you are watching or doing. And even if you X out of the offer, it often comes back repeatedly. It’s like being caught in a never-ending loop of ads and upgrade offers. There have been times when I don’t even want to watch the thing I went there for because the ads are so long and annoying.

Youtube Music premium ad

The least they could do is maybe show you the offer once a week, not every time you open the ad. I get it; you want my money, but if I say NO five days in a row, do you think I will cave over the next 100 days you show me the same ad?

YouTube music ads suck too

I used to love YouTube. It was the perfect place to watch my favorite shows, listen to music, and catch up on the latest news. But lately, YouTube has been bombarding me with ads for its premium service, YouTube Music. And I hate it even more than the YouTube ads because YouTube is where I used to go to listen to music, then they made Youtube music, and it is even more annoying and a cash grab.

I understand that YouTube needs to make money somehow. But do they need to be so pushy about it? But today was the last straw, as I just deleted it because it isn’t required. It isn’t a better service than the other music apps and has no reason to be alive. I am honestly not even sure why it is on my phone.

The ads are everywhere. I can’t even watch a video without being bombarded by at least one ad for YouTube Music in Youtube, which is a double whammy as far as youtube ad annoyances go.


If you’re one of the many people who have been endlessly annoyed by YouTube’s Premium Upgrade offers, you’re not alone. A lot of people hate them. I hate youtube premium upgrade offers. I never asked for them, and I don’t want them. They’re just a waste of time and money. I’ll never buy one, no matter how good the deal is.

I hate YouTube premium upgrade offers because they are so pushy and intrusive. I feel like I can’t enjoy my videos without being constantly bombarded with advertisements and offers to upgrade to premium. It’s frustrating and makes me not want to use YouTube as much anymore. And please make sure you come back to our fun tech blog to find out even more petty things that irritate me everyday!