Amblone LED lighting

Here we take a look at the original Amblone LED lighting product and related info

Amblone FAQ

Reading Time: 2 minutes Amblone FAQ introduction In keeping with our efforts to assist anyone that has any questions regarding the original Amblone LED light setup we have redone the FAQs. As mentioned before we didn’t feel right just copying and pasting them over, so have taken the FAQs and rewritten them. We thought this would provide value to …

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amblone setup


Reading Time: 13 minutes DIY Guide for Amblone LED Light In order to create the Amblone setup, you will need the Amblone software, an Arduino microcontroller, a USB A to B cable, RGB LED strips, transistors, resistors, a 12V adapter, and electrical wires. You will also need doublesided tape or another means of mounting the LED strips. If you have …

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