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A design guru rates a bunch of taco gadgets and really goes to school on them in this awesome video. He is a legit guy doing reviews, as opposed to some random guy just saying everything is awesome. And on top of that he not only gives it thumbs up or down, but the reasons why, and how he would fix the things that didn’t score very well. If you scroll to the bottom we give you the tdlr, but we suggest watching the video as it is one of our favorite gadget review in a while

A cheese grater… shaped like a taco?!

Taco toaster is good: This appliance is great for those who want to make tacos quickly and easily. The toaster heats the tortillas evenly, so you don’t have to worry about them burning.

Taco press is no good: The taco press is a bit of a gimmick and doesn’t work as well as advertised. It’s difficult to get the tortillas to stay in place, and the end result is often uneven and messy.

Jalapeno coarer that is good: The jalapeno coarer is a handy tool that helps you remove the seeds and ribs from jalapenos, making them much milder. It’s easy to use and does a great job.

Taco fry flip 5 5: This gadget is great for making perfect tacos every time.

Cheese Grater – average, really nothing better than your everyday grater