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Over a late night of DND Andrew and I were talking about how there wasn’t really a place that had random enough stuff, but not so random that we lost interest, that had to do with tech.

So we said why don’t we write about the things that we find that make our lives better, and the idea for the blog was born.

As you can see, I don’t have any design or website experience but said I would be the one to take it on.
I also don’t write very well, so you probably won’t see many articles from me either.  But what I do , do…? is order lots of stuff online and try out new games, apps, and love to read about new things in tech.

Often Andrew and I will talk about cool things for hours, so I guess you could say I am the idea guy? 
I work in customer service, so talk to a lot of different and cool people all the time and in turn get to find out about a lot of new and cool things. I try a lot of them out and hopefully I can share them with Andrew , and he will write them up a lot better than I could ever… as you can see this Bio took a while longer to come together than his… and is not close to as well done.

Sorry, but I hope you enjoy your time here!

Welcome to my/ our newly launched blog! Just wanted to get that out of the way beside I go on about myself.

Well were do I start? I have been involved with tech for over the past 20 years and have been around since the dawn of the internet age. I remember waiting for Kobe Bryant ally oop gifs to load from the all star game... that old.

I am a project manager for a consumer software company and to be honest it isn't the most exciting thing. But it does keep me around some very smart people. I am not a tech person as in I can't code anything to save my life. But I love having tech in my life. I like to make life better with the use of tech and enjoy reading about upcoming things that will make our lives better with tech.

I do have a bit of an Aliexpress addiction , and you will see that I often fall into terrible decision making processes and order things that sound really cool but in the end aren't. We call in the Ali Lottery around our house. Sometimes you win and it is awesome, but most of the time you are wondering why you just spent $3 on a chopstick cleaner that does nothing at all.
Tristan and I have known each other forever, and we have a bit of ying and yang friendship. He also falls into my Aliexpress lottery busts as well sometimes. Well thank you for reading about me and hopefully you have fun here.

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