Bluetooth Sleeping headband review

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Intro to the Bluetooth Sleeping headband

I already know how silly it sounds, as I laughed when I first saw this product. And in all honesty I didn’t believe that it would be very useful at all. I all know people who have sleep issues. It could be due to the apparent affect of constant blue light from LED screens on our phones, or laptops. Or maybe it is due to stress, or poor eating habits or whatever you want to chalk it up to. Maybe it is because I just aren’t active in our daily lives to the right level that makes us tired to go to sleep. But if you are like us by the time you want to fall asleep you can’t. Then the cold hard truth comes to life every time you check your phone. 7 hours till you have to be up, 6 hours, 3 hours … where did the night go?

Eventually you fall asleep and then your alarm tells you it is time to get up and get going. One of the things that people have found is that white noise can help you fall asleep quicker, but our truth is that I don’t like listening to random static sounds, it is just annoying. At least for us here, it reminds us of a digital fly in the room that I just can’t get to settle down. The constant sounds of waves, or static, or a rainforest just aren’t soothing.

So while I toss and turn I eventually turn on the tv and find something that is so boring that it puts us to sleep. But with that there is visual stimulation, and I have found that it keeps me more into staying awake even if the show is boring me to death. Eventually there will be a sound that I will flip over to see what is going on and find myself totally awake again. So this leaves me with audio sounds only, but sleeping with headphones in is terrible, and playing music off your phone is either too low of volume that you can’t hear or too high and it keeps me up.

Reasons why I can’t fall asleep

Person trying to sleep with a pillow on their head

As outlined above there are a couple of easy to fix, if I really wanted to, reasons why I can’t sleep. Sure I could run a marathon until I wanted to pass out. I could also eat less refined sugars in the day, or even stop eating so late in the night but I don’t want to. I could also stop taking in any caffeine but what would a day be without a cold Coke or a cup of tea? So generally there are causes that people can fix to sleep better, but the sad truth is that it isn’t much fun to do so.

Just like a diet, it is only as good as the amount of time you can stick to it. So if you want to change your life and think that is needed you can take a look at WebMD to see the other medical reasons why you can’t sleep at night. But for me, I know that when I go on the internet to find out anything medically related I always regret it. There is always the worst case scenario of me having an uncurbable disease which my doctor ends up reassuring me I don’t have. So what do we do when we don’t want to change the thing that causes issues in our lives? We take short cuts, I mean develop habits for success!

Learning habits to help me fall asleep quicker

That’s right, we develop coping mechanisms which are basically like long term band aids. I am not saying that this is the right thing to do, because like most things in life the band aid eventually needs to be ripped off… and that can hurt more. But we can find different things that make falling asleep less painful every night. If you are a night owl maybe you just need to accept that. Make a schedule for your life that takes it into consideration.

There have been times where I sleep from 7 in the morning until 3 pm. It is glorious! But it really doesn’t lend itself well to interacting with other people. As you are starting your day with breakfast while they are just about to get off work, pick up the kids etc. But if that works for you then go for it! At the end of the day the thing that helps you sleep better is what you should do, but you have to decide if it is the right thing for you, your body , and life long term.

Sleeping Apps

One of the first thing that I tried was a sleeping app. To be honest all that it really felt like was a nagging mom. It would say it is 7 pm, no more foods for the night, or 9 pm time to turn off all electronics. I would just ignore it , and deep down I had that feeling that I was doing wrong. Not because I knew I was messing up my sleep but more so that I was letting my new digital mom down. I was just ignoring her suggestions that could help me get a better sleep. So I deleted that app after a couple of nights of shameful regret.

Sleeping app on phone

Bluetooth Sleeping headband

You can hold the laughs for now, because I had the same thing. I was up really late one night again, and browsing the internet to find ways to fall asleep quicker. Yes, the irony isn’t lost on me that staring at my phone at 4 am probably wasn’t helping. But I was really trying hard to find something that could help me fall asleep quicker. And that is where I found my, maybe temporary, savior in the Bluetooth Sleeping Headphone. I might have seen an ad before, but I found this beauty on Aliexpress… which is another one of my late night go to activities.

Black headband with speakers in the side
I look really cool with it on!

While it might not be all that to look at I am going to break down why I think that this is easily one of the best things that I have bought to try to help me get a decent sleep.

Pros of Bluetooth headset for sleeping

Other than making you look super cool to anyone you interact with while having it on there are some pretty cool things about this headband. Stay with me, as I promise you won’t be disappointed

1. Bluetooth headphones material

While it is hard to describe the material is nice and smooth. It is like a blend of some magical cotton and tightly woven material. I would say spandex but then that just conjures up thoughts of tights in neon colors. The material is smooth and it is important because it doesn’t get snagged on anything while putting it on or rolling around. It also does not retain a lot of heat, which is a big bonus if you get hot while you sleep like I do. You don’t wake up with a band of sweat around your head and that is a bonus for most people.

2. Bluetooth headphones Speakers

While no one will convince you that they are Bose level quality they do the job. They get loud enough that you could use this headband to work out in if you wanted, or for a nice run. But the real value in the speakers is that they are rounded! Big deal you might think, but the truth is that it is a big deal. With these speakers you can easily sleep on your side without any edges jamming into your ear. They are almost like sand dollars in that there is a slight curve to them.

3. Bluetooth headphones battery life

While I have yet to have it fully die on me, I have used it for three night in a row with no issue. It is a little bit to get to the micro usb charging port but once you have it down it won’t take much more time than plugging your phone in. As far as actual battery life, I am going on 5 months of heavy usage and haven’t noticed it losing charge any quicker than normal so I am happy with that.

Cons of the Bluetooth sleeping headband

The only thing that I can say is a possible drawback of using these is the fact that you have a Bluetooth receiver pretty much stuck to your skull for 5-8 hours a night. There have been theories that exposure to Bluetooth is not good for you. I am not a doctor and can’t say much as to the validity of either sides explanations. However, I can tell you that having bad sleeps all the time will probably be worse than having good sleeps.

Final thoughts on the Bluetooth Sleeping headband

While I have never been accused of having amazing fashion sense I can say that this isn’t something to add to your wardrobe if you are looking for compliments. However, if you find that you fall asleep better with audio that you can control from your phone or other device then I am really suggesting you try this out. You can roll around with it all night and nothing will poke your head or wake you up. It is lightweight and you will barely notice it on which is great for finnicky sleepers. And finally, you can control the sleep function from your phone, or auto play, whatever you want.

You decide what you want to listen to and use an app to manage the duration etc. You control it all, which I love. I have found that I have had a lot better sleeps since I have tried it out and am lucky that I did. This is our first tech review that we have done here and I did it because it is one of the most recent tech things I have added to my life that really helped.