Raptic Link and Lock Review

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Have you ever found yourself looking for your keys when you are already late to work? Or maybe you wonder where your beloved cats and dogs wander off when you’re not with them? It might seem like a trivial first-world problem, but it is still a problem, right? So how do we solve this terrible predicament?

Like any other first-world problem, we turn to Apple to provide the solution for us. And voila, they came up with a small and sleek gadget that can help you track the location of anything you want. It looks like a tiny frisbee with an Apple logo slapped on top of it. They call it AirTags, and it’s around $29 a pop. And like most things from Apple, it works great. 

However, there is a minor drawback to the AirTags. It’s the fact that there’s no hole or any other mechanism that allows you to put it on your belongings. And if you’ve used any Apple products before, you might know where this is going. 

In a typical Apple fashion, you need to purchase a third-party product for this. There are tons of cheap AirTags Keyrings out there, but you shouldn’t use any random affordable product for a device like this. Raptic Link and Lock is the premium option you should use for your premium AirTags. You have spent the money when other versions are cheaper, so why not keep that going with a premium product.

Some might argue that you can save money on no name brands, and that can be true. But there are times when spending a bit more pays off in the long run. And if you have spent the money on Airtags, why cheap out and sacrifice quality for their accessories? We have seen what happens when the price seems to be good to be true in our article about Aliexpress and Walmarts 1tb disk drives that turned out to be held together with hot glue and nowhere close to their stated storage amounts.

Can Apple AirTags be locked?

Yes, there are a couple of products that can lock your Airtags. We tried out the Raptic Link and Lock and thought it did a great job.

There are a couple of other options on the market today but we found this one based on others’ reviews and were really impressed.

The Link and Lock from Raptic is a next-gen holder for your AirTags. It looks similar to a Carabiner and has a similar function to a certain extent. This unique yet familiar design means you won’t need any user manual to use it. A single glance and you’d already know how to use Raptic Link and Lock for your Apple AirTags.

Unlike other similar accessories for AirTags that can only be used as keyrings due to their small hole, the design of Raptic Link and Lock allowed it to be used on different things. You can use it as a keychain for your car keys; you can attach it to your bag and use it on your bike, anywhere you want. If there’s a place to connect it to, then you can use Raptic Link and Lock on it.

Although it shares a similar design to a regular Carabiner, Raptic Link and Lock has a sleeker and modern look. That means wherever you decide to use it, be it on your backpack or with your car keys, or even on the collar of your dogs; it will look sporty and modern.  And if you want to see how easy it is to use just check out this video:

  • Durable Material. Unlike similar products that are usually made of cheap plastic, Raptic Link and Lock is made of casted Zinc. This means Link and Lock are complex, but the light simultaneously. This material can protect your valuable AirTags from unwanted scratches and bumps.
  • 3-Digit Combination Code. One of the innovations that Raptic Link and Lock bring to this product is the safety lock mechanism. After all, you don’t want to lose $29 worth of Apple products due to the cheap plastic housing you bought online. Well, this 3-Digit combination feature from Raptic makes sure that your AirTags are locked and secured in their place.
  • Silicone Interior. To protect the AirTags itself from any potential scratching due to any contact with the hard material of the Carabiner, Raptic provides a soft yet durable cushion made out of Silicone. It will be the housing for the AirTags and keep it safe and scratch-free.

AirTags is a product that can remember the location of your important stuff. But just like any other product from Apple, a third-party accessory is needed to make it usable in the real world. In this case, it needs housing so that you can attach it to your valuables.

Countless cheap products in the market can do this job, and there’s even a guide online to help you make the housing out of anything you can find in your backyard. That said, a properly made product like Raptic Link and Lock is still highly recommended. 

After all, it is made out of durable material that can protect your AirTags from scratches and bumps. Not only that but it is also equipped with a proper 3-digit combination lock to keep it secure. If you have Airtags, you should try Raptic Link and Lock, as the cost vs. value proposition is easy to see just due to how expensive AirPods are and how these can help protect yours. You can also check out this full review, which seemed to line up with what we thought, but they didn’t like the weight that is added when you use them:

If you want to check them out for yourself just click here to see them, and order them if you want to.