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Introduction to the Ekster Parliament 

People used to brag and feel proud about how much money they had in their wallets. But just like everything else in life, that kind of thing is out of fashion now. Some people might even consider you tacky if you still practice that ancient habit. We’re in 2022, man, and this is a paperless society. Everything is paperless now, your emails, your essential documents, so why does your money need to stay as it was? 

Yes, paper money is still around and ruling over everybody, as they’ve been doing for centuries. But in this cashless society, most people use credit cards as a default form of payment. The traditional paper money is now reserved only for tipping your Pizza delivery guy and other similar small transactions. 

Soon, we might even forsake the cards altogether in favor of a digital currency. But the future is not here, so credit cards are still the ubiquitous way to pay for everything. And if the only thing in your wallet is cards and some minor changes, why bother using the old, bulky wallet? A slim card holder that can also dabble as compact money storage is how we do it these days. And if you’re in the market for one, check out the new Parliament 3.0 from Ekster. 

No one wants to be George from the classic Seinfeld episode with an exploding wallet as there really just is no reason to have that much stuff in your wallet:

Someone needs a slim wallet

What is Parliament 3.0 From Ekster

The Parliament 3.0 is the new line of slim and convenient wallet/card holders from Ekster. This product is the ultimate wallet for this modern day and age, and it is also a skinny and compact wallet with 12.19 x 7.37 x 2.54 cm. 

It will fit snugly into your jeans pockets, and unlike the old bulky wallet, there won’t be any visible square bulge from across the street on your jeans. Once you slide it into your pocket, you’ll forget that it’s even there.

Parliament 3.0 is a stylish and elegant wallet handcrafted from premium leather in the looks department. But looking good is not the only thing it has; this wallet is also durable and will look better as it gets older. 

The most popular Parliament 3.0 is the Nappa Black one. But if black is not your color, then there are five other colors that you can choose from: the Classic Brown, Juniper Green, Merlot Red, Roma Cognac, and Steel Blue.  And remember if you are looking for cool tech gadgets make sure you check out our reviews as we will always be adding things we think are fun , cool and functional.

The Feature of Ekster’s Parliament 3.0

  • Quick Access. This is the revolutionary feature that sets Parliament 3.0 apart from its competitors. You can store up to 10 cards in Parliament 3.0’s cardholder and access them with a push of a button. You no longer need to rummage through your wallet to find the right card to use. 
  • RFID Protection. In case you don’t know, credit cards are vulnerable to wireless skimming and private data theft. With an RFID/NFC protection technology, your cards will become invisible from electric charges, negating the risk of electronic theft.
  • Extra Card Pocket. If the cardholder is not enough to hold all your cards, then there are nifty extra card pockets that you can use. You can slide in two more cards or a gym membership card that you won’t ever use in this pocket.
  • Multi-Purpose Strap. Besides cards, you might also need to carry some cash with you all the time. That is why Parliament 3.0 has a simple, multi-purpose elastic strap for this wallet. You can put in those pesky extra bills/cash in this strap. 
  • Option to add tracking card. This is an upgrade that you can purchase from Ekster, and it basically makes sure you won’t lose your wallet as easily. If you are a forgetful person it might be worth it, but if you don’t have that issue you could probably save yourself around $40 and not buy it.
slim black card with button in the middle
A nice upgrade if you are forgetfull

Is the Ekster Parliament RFID blocking good?

Yes the Ekster Parliament does have RFID blocking and yes it is very good. In our test by seeing if we could swipe to pay with our card in the wallet we were unable to get the purchase to process. To us, that would mean that they are blocking the information on the cards from leaving the wallet.

So overall, we can’t say how good it is rather that it does block the sensitive information from leaving your wallet.

Can you sit on an Ekster wallet?

We wouldn’t suggest sitting on them, due to their rigid body design. The wallet is small enough to fit into pretty much any front pocket and that is where we would suggest keeping it.

Even if you have tighter pants, or dress pants, it won’t be an issue to keep the wallet in your front pocket. We also found that keeping it in our hoodies pockets was another option, as long as there were zippers.

How thick is ekster tracker?

The tracker card is about as thick as two and a half credit cars. Although you might think that is pretty thick to have in your wallet you can actually see that your wallet probably has a couple of cards on each side already, if you are using a folding wallet. So if there is one card on each side it is actually two cards thick.

So we can say that at being around two and a bit credit cards thick you can easily add it as a feature to your slim wallet without worry of adding bulk or weight that would be noticeable.

How far can you track an Ekster wallet?

Ekster says that the wallet tracking can be done up to 200 feet with their tracking card in place.

This is usually more than enough as most people misplace their wallets around the house or office. So if that is something that usually happens to you then paying the extra bit for a tracking card might be worth it.

Why you should use Ekster’s Parliament 3.0

The time for a bulky wallet has long gone, and now it’s about maximizing the limited space in your jeans pocket. For that, a slim and compact wallet such as the Parliament 3.0 from Ekster is what you need.

Parliament 3.0 looks great, and it is chock-full of useful features. The most stand-out one is its quick access feature, a system that allows all of your cards to slide out with a button. The nice thing is that the wallet has a beautiful feel and look as it is wrapped in premium leather with a sleek and elegant design. You won’t go wrong with Ekster’s Parliament 3.0.

Should you buy the Ekster’s Parliament 3.0 ?

This is a tough choice because in all honest it is hard to say. Yes , we love the wallet. You can feel the quality as soon as you touch the leather. It is hard to describe but it is kind of like when you site in a Honda with leather or a Porsche with leather, it just feels better. The leather is more supple, but still firmer… somehow. This wallet takes the functionality of a slim wallet and wraps it in a luxurious feel.

Now weather or not you need that for the additional cost kind of comes back to that last comparison. When you thin of a care, and can afford either option, would you choose the Honda or the Porsche? They both get you from point a to point b, and that is the same as this wallet. It does its job, and does it well all while looking nice. So does the look matter to you? If it does, then we can’t think of a better option.

But if you are just looking at your wallet from a totally functional point of view, then this wallet doesn’t really add much that other cheaper options can offer. The option to add a tracker card is something that cheaper options won’t offer, but at the same time it doesn’t impact the wallet really, only if you lose it. So again, the choice is yours but if you are looking for the Porsche of wallets then you have found it in the Ekster’s Parliament 3.0.

Here is another great review that really goes over every inch of this wallet so check it out, as we can’t make videos due to our faces that are made for radio, which are accompanied by voices made for miming.