Amblone FAQ

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Amblone FAQ introduction

In keeping with our efforts to assist anyone that has any questions regarding the original Amblone LED light setup we have redone the FAQs. As mentioned before we didn’t feel right just copying and pasting them over, so have taken the FAQs and rewritten them. We thought this would provide value to the people that had these common questions before if they run into issues again. So if you have already followed the Amblone Guide page , and need some more answers keep on reading!

1. Question: When I run Amblone everything seems to be working but it doesn’t last more than a couple loops per second. (LPS) In turn the colours change super slow and looks like it is shaking. How do I fix this?

Answer: This is usually caused by Windows Aero/ Desktop setup. If you disable Aero it will probably help with the LPS. You can either shut down Aero Globally or for the specific program.

2. Question: When I am watching a video the colours aren’t detected. But when I use the computer they are detected. How do I fix this issue?

Answer: This is probably because your media player is accelerating the hardware . This caused the image to go around the traditional ways the the graphics are read and presented. Right now there is no easy fix for this issue.

3. Question: The software use to run fine, now it is crashing all the time? How do I fix this?
Answer: This is usually because of a change of your settings. You should try to reset everything back to default and see if this resolves the issue.

4. Question: I am building a system but the lights that I want to use are different than those used in the how to guides on the site. I don’t know which resistors or transistors to use as they are different than the guide. How can I fix this ?

Answer: This will be dependent on the power and draw from the lights. You will need to determine the best match and equipment for your specific build depending on the hardware you have chosen to use.