Voice actors and video games

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While you might be asking yourself what does this post have to do with anything tech related, and the truth is that it is a pretty slim reach to say it does but it touches something close to our hearts when it comes to tech, and that is VIDEO GAMES! We love video games and as anyone who plays games knows the voice actors can make or break the quality and game experience. How many times have you been playing and you hear Wario and his damn voice when you are targeted by a blue shell, knowing you are going to get hit soon?

The perfect actor makes the character come to life, and the wrong ones can just ruin games. And this is why it is so crazy to hear about this recent story about the Bayonetta voice actor getting offered $4,000 to do her part in a MASSIVE game. So keep reading to find out whats going on as well as other info about voice acting in games.

So what is going on?

Bayonetta voice actor Hellena Taylor has issued her statement, calling on fans to boycott the third installment of the franchise. TMZ obtained the information from Taylor herself, as she told fans that they should boycott the third game of her series. The reason seems to be that they just didn’t want to pay her fee … or really anything for her work on the hugely successful sequel. The studio Platinum Games decided that they wanted to pay $4,000 and once the actress said no they were like ok we are done?

mario driving a cart
We already know the drama going on with this guy!

So while $4,000 is a lot of money , the amount of money that voice actors get paid for huge projects is usually a lot more than that. We have seen some articles that say video game voice actors can make between $200 – $800 an hour which is a lot… and we assume that this game in question would be a lot more work than 20 hours as she would be doing the lead characters talking

Let’s keep in mind that this series has grossed around $450 MILLION dollars as well, so this isn’t a small indie start up.

Why video games are fun

The role of voice actors in video games

Video games are a form of entertainment enjoyed by people of all ages. They can provide players with an immersive experience that can be both fun and challenging. For video games to succeed, they need good voice actors.

Voice actors play a vital role in video games and are responsible for bringing the game’s characters to life and making them believable. Without good voice acting, a video game can feel flat and lifeless, players would not be able to connect with the characters, and the game would not be as enjoyable.

Good voice acting can make or break a video game. Developers need to choose the right voice actors for their games, and they need to make sure that the voices fit the characters and that the actors can convey the character’s emotions convincingly.

The importance of good voice acting in video games

Voice acting has become increasingly important in video games over the years. A good voice actor can help make a game more immersive and enjoyable. They can also help players connect with the characters they are controlling.

A great voice actor can bring a character to life and make them feel real to the player. They can make the player laugh, cry, or feel angry along with the character. A bad voice actor, on the other hand, can ruin a game’s immersion and make it difficult for players to connect with the characters.

Good voice actors are crucial for creating an enjoyable gaming experience. They can help players become more invested in the game and its characters. bad voice actors can distract from the game itself and make it less enjoyable overall.

How good voice acting can make or break a video game

To many gamers, excellent voice acting is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience. While some games can get away with subpar voice work, others rely on it to create an immersive and engaging world.

Good voice acting can make a video game more believable and immersive and help players connect with the characters in the game. Voice acting can make a game more fun and memorable when done well.

However, poor voice acting can ruin a video game. Cheesy dialogue, bad accents, and flat deliveries can take players out of the game and make it less enjoyable. In some cases, poor voice acting can even make a game unplayable.

For these reasons, developers must choose their voice actors carefully. A good performance can make all the difference in whether or not a video game is successful.