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While we don’t usually cover crypto we thought it was just too big to not post anything about. As you probably have heard the crypto sphere of the world seems to be shrinking daily. The biggest one that we have seen fail is FTX , which was all over the place with all their branding deals. We saw cover UFC fighters out of the blue, we saw the Miami Heats actual stadium actually change their name to the FTX stadium so to see these places shutting down is a bit shocking. But sadly, this will impact everyone in Crypto, so even if you didn’t hold Bitcoin and had Doge there is a chance that you lost money with their sudden implosion.

We will quickly go over what is happening, why it might be happening and what it means to the people who had their coins with them, and will go back you our usual LED DIY projects sometime soon just thought we’d switch it up a bit 🙂

bitcoin chart and coin on a monitor
Pretty sure the chart isn’t looking like that now..

FTX Network Bankrupt

The FTX network, WAS an up-and-coming cryptocurrency trading platform, is officially bankrupt. The news has shocked investors and users alike as the company recently gained popularity for its innovative approach to digital asset trading.

The cause of the bankruptcy is still unclear, with reports pointing to a series of missteps and financial mismanagement. Investors have speculated that the company’s rapid expansion may have put too much strain on its resources, eventually leading to its downfall. In addition, some experts suggest that recent market volatility may have damaged investor confidence in the platform and caused it to struggle financially.

Several large investors who had invested heavily in FTX have expressed their disappointment at the news and are now seeking compensation from the company’s assets for losses incurred due to their investments in FTX. But it seems like the trading just went the wrong way… the crypto winter came, and one of the biggest exchanges became it’s the most recent victim.

Background & Development of the FTX issue

The FTX network, a cryptocurrency trading platform, has recently declared bankruptcy. This announcement has left many users in shock and disbelief at the sudden collapse of the popular service. Founded in 2017 by Sam Bankman-Fried, the FTX network quickly grew to become one of the most reputable exchanges in the crypto space. It was known for its advanced security features and comprehensive trading options that attracted novice and experienced traders.

However, due to the mismanagement of funds and inadequate liquidity levels, FTX went bankrupt with no prior warning signs. The company had already ceased operations before they announced its bankruptcy on its website. All of its customer’s funds have been frozen and will not be accessible until further notice from financial authorities. The news surprised everyone involved in this venture as it seemed like an otherwise successful business model.

Imagine, SBF was previously worth around 20 BILLION dollars… and is now in jail?

Bankruptcy Factors at FTX

The FTX Network, a decentralized finance platform, and cryptocurrency exchange, has declared bankruptcy following a sharp downturn in the crypto markets. The network’s sudden downfall is indicative of the extreme volatility of digital assets.

The broader market dip likely played a role in FTX’s failure and several other factors that contributed to its demise. Poor risk management, high leverage, and inadequate liquidity all likely pushed the company over the edge financially. Market manipulation by whales—individuals or groups with large amounts of capital—could have been another factor; these entities can heavily influence prices on smaller exchanges like FTX.

Regardless of the cause, the news is an important reminder that even the most successful networks can be vulnerable to rapid changes in market conditions and catastrophic consequences if proper risk mitigation strategies are not implemented.

Impact on Investors & Stakeholders

The FTX Network, a decentralized financial technology platform, has recently declared bankruptcy. This news has shocked many investors and stakeholders who have had their funds tied up in this system. The impact of this announcement on those involved is great, particularly for the smaller investors who may have invested large portions of their savings into FTX’s offerings.

In addition to causing financial losses for stakeholders, FTX’s bankruptcy has also caused reputational damage to its brand name among potential future business partners and current customers. Smaller investors are likely to be warier of investing in other similar projects in the future due to this setback. Furthermore, with the company now being insolvent, shareholders will be unable to recuperate any losses they suffer from it directly or indirectly through liquidation proceedings.


The FTX network bankruptcy was a major blow to the cryptocurrency community. After months of speculation and anticipation, the network had finally gone into receivership, and its investors were left empty-handed. In the aftermath, there has been much reflection on what caused this collapse and how it could have been avoided.

Overall, FTX’s downfall appears to be due to many factors, including poor management decisions and inadequate capitalization. Furthermore, many believe that the collapse was hastened by crypto market volatility, reducing liquidity in the markets where FTX traded. Unfortunately, despite all these lessons learned from this tragedy, similar scenarios are still likely to occur until more stringent industry regulations are implemented. Until then, investors should exercise extreme caution when investing in any type of cryptocurrency venture.

Any way that you look at it, even when compared to other crypto networks that have folded and making people lose their life savings , it sucks for those who had money on the platform. It’s easy to say not your keys not your coins… but that is of no solace to the people who invested and believed in crypto and now have nothing.