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Well as the week keeps going on so does the TwitterVerse… or whatever you want to call it. Basically, and we aren’t sure why we do this, we can’t stop looking to see what it up with Twitter. Maybe it is morbid curiosity , like a car accident we just can’t stop looking at. So here goes our top listing of updates from twitter for this week.

1. More Layoffs

So , sadly, it wouldn’t be another week without more layoffs regarding Twitter. We saw that they started the takeover with a bang by laying off MASSIVE amounts of employees. To the point where people were wondering if it would even be stable anymore, let alone if it was possible to make it better.

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who even knows what’s going on here

We aren’t happy to hear about layoffs, as it hurts peoples lives and everyone involved with their lives. Their families, friends, everyone is impacted when layoffs happen at this scale. It just isn’t good for the employees that got laid off, but the ones that also come to work everyday but wonder if it will be their last… pretty much like a undefined possible life on death row… or maybe not…

2. What is going on with the check marks?

Alright, the blue marks used to be the validation point where people could look and say oh this person is really who they say they are. Then Elon was like Nahhhh… we want more money. So let’s charge people… then people just starting making parody accounts to make them appear to be celebs saying insane things… as you can tell this isn’t going too well.

Then there was a rumor about a verified checkmark, which was similar to the old blue one but not like the new blue one… but that was gone already. So for right now we are settled that the blue checkmarks are still kinda of for sale.

3. Kanye and Trump are back

So…. this happened.. and we aren’t sure about what to think about it. To be honest it doesn’t impact us as we don’t follow them and don’t really care what they say. For us we can just ignore their posts and life moves on. But sadly, good or bad , people will listen to their words. And generally speaking the words that they use aren’t the ones that will uplift humanity. We hope that maybe this time around their tunes have changed… but can’t be sure. We will see how long this lasts:

One note of interest, is that Elon has said he will never let Alex Jones back on the platform… which is good. There’s not really much as far as we can see that we are missing out on with him out of Twitter.

Now what happens with Twitter?

So where does that leave us? From our last time when we questioned what comes next for twitter, we are a couple weeks ahead…. but no further ahead as to the plan. If we were to guess people probably expect Elon to try out things, they fail, maybe he makes a turn and somehow Twitter is great and they thing the world needs… I guess that’s the exciting part of this?