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Introduction: Baidu unveils new quantum computer

Quantum computers are widely considered the next big thing in computing, and Baidu is the latest company to unveil its quantum computer. The Chinese tech giant’s new quantum computer is called the ‘Qian Shi ‘ and it is said to be capable of performing calculations that are impossible for even the most powerful classical computers.

Baidu’s quantum computer will be available to anyone who wants to use it, through the company’s cloud computing platform. This will allow businesses and individuals to harness the power of quantum computing without having to invest in their hardware.

So keep reading to find out what quantum computing is, how Baidus computer works, and most importantly why we think this is super cool… in a nerdy way.

What is a quantum computer?

A quantum computer is a computer that uses quantum-mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. A quantum computer operates on qubits, which are units of quantum information.

These computers are capable of performing certain tasks much faster than even the highest-powered older style of computers. For example, a quantum computer can easily factor in large numbers, a task that is difficult for traditional computers. Quantum computers can also search large databases more quickly than classical computers. So basically, they just use their power in a better and more efficient way than the old processors that we grew up with.

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Reminds me of school….

We can think of the difference between computers the size of a room when they first came out and the power that they had, compared to what is in a cell phone now. A cell phone currently has a huge amount of power, at a fraction of the size of those older computer styles. This is similar to quantum computers. They are the next evolution of computing.

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There are several different types of quantum computers. The most common type is the superconducting qubit. Superconducting qubits are made from materials that conduct electricity without resistance at very low temperatures. So like the older models’ evolution to smaller and more refined chips, this is the next step from the computers we are familiar with today.

Check out this really well done , and easy to follow, video that breaks it down better than I can

Quantum computers… in a cartoon explanation

How does Baidu’s quantum computer work?

Baidu’s new quantum computer is said to be able to harness the power of quantum computing. But how does it work?

This type of computer setup computer is based on a process called entanglement. This is when two particles are linked together, and their properties are determined by each other. Baidu’s quantum computer uses this process to store and process information.

Within the computer are things called qubits, which are the basic units of information in a quantum computer. These qubits are entangled with each other, and they can be in multiple states at the same time. This allows the quantum computer to do many calculations simultaneously, which is why it is so powerful.

Why is this new quantum computer from Baidu cool?

The reason that I am excited about this is that Baidu has said that they will allow people to submit questions or formulas to this computer to harness its abilities. So why does this matter? Because quantum computers can solve problems too complex for any other computer?

So why does that matter? Sure you might be thinking oh yeah this is great now I can solve questions I have never had. Well kind of, but there is the other side. Sometimes people need huge equations solved and their computers just can’t handle it. In theory, based on what Baidu has stated, people can send in queries and the computer will find the result that is needed.

So this could help people who have complex calculations or ideas that need to be answered but just don’t have the right equipment to do so. You could even send in a super complex question from your cell phone and get the result.

Of course, this all depends on how, and to who, they let people submit questions. But I think, either way, the possibility of normal people getting access to this type of equipment could help the world. I am sure there are people out there with great ideas they want to prove but just can’t afford the equipment they need to get the answer. This could be the solution and help inventions or ideas that would have never made it from a hypothesis into a completed theory. If nothing less people could use it to make really cool AI generated images ... which you know we all love around here!

Conclusion: The future of quantum computing

In the past, quantum computers have been large, expensive, and difficult to use. But Baidu, the Chinese search engine company, has developed a new quantum computer that is much more user-friendly. This new quantum computer will allow anyone to harness the power of quantum computing, making it a game-changer in the world of computing.

Again, this might sound really boring… but the truth is that this could help mankind as it gives people the ability to access a technology that they would never have been able to use before. Quantum computers are rare and very VERY expensive, so even if some people get access to them it could make the world a better place. And if you want to read more about this new computer, with probably a better scientific breakdown you can check out PC Mags piece on the Baidu supercomputer right here.