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What is a TV backlight?

Reading Time: 6 minutes What is a TV backlight? TV backlights are one of the most essential parts of television, providing the light that makes images on the screen visible. Without backlights, televisions would be much dimmer and harder to see. There are different types of backlights available for televisions. The most common type is an LED backlight. These […]

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TikTok Recipe Nightmare

Reading Time: 2 minutes @userpppckpi0do #deliciou #chinese ♬ 原创音乐 – userpppckpi0do Have you seen the latest TikTok recipe video? It’s a stop animation video of chicken, shrimp and tomatoes being prepared. And it’s terrible. The video is so bad and scary because it doesn’t look anything like a real recipe video and it really just sends some shivers up

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