And the blue checkmark is gone.. or is it?

cartoon with head in her hands in front of twitter computer
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So what seems to be a daily game of who knows what is going on we thought it be fun just to highlite the latest Twitterverse updates. We thought we were up to date with our twitter killing update here… BUT WE WERE WRONGGGGGGGGGG

First off we have Elon killing the official checkmark with one of the better tweets we’ve seen in a while :

Then Twitter support advises that they’ve updated the checkmark so people can’t just give $8 to pretend like they’re someone else:

With one of our favorite tweets talking about how ai generated faces have somehow become verified:

Then DojaCat started complaining she couldn’t change her info:

Which Elon helped out with pretty fast:

Sooooooooooooo where does that leave us? WHO KNOWS!! But we can say that this ride is bumpy, confusing, and totally awesome. But we have this little feeling that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to lay off over half of your staff while getting ready to change things based on your feelings... or which pop singer reaches out to you?

Elon is up to something on Twitter. The billionaire entrepreneur has been tweeting up a storm lately, and some believe he might be using the social media platform to launch a new business venture, which wouldn’t make much sense as he just spent 40 billion to get twitter…. but who knows what this madman is planning.

He is known for his innovative thinking, and a new business would certainly be in keeping with his track record. Whatever he’s up to, the world will be watching closely if for nothing less than a could giggles and head scratches